Retrieving curtains from West Paris, Me. Retrieving curtains from West Paris, Me. West Paris grange building now the American Legion building 191725229 West Paris grange building stage Grange has disbanded, building has been sold to the American Legion 191725227 view of the grange hall 191725234 view of the grange stage one of the interior scene curtains before un-installing it 191725235 Working at the grange stage 191725231 Joe and Ken removing roller from curtain This is one of the two interior scene curtains 191725230 Folding chair in grange building These wooden folding chairs were made in a factory (now closed) in West Paris 191725226 Grand drape "November Twilight" 191725228 Grand drape - another view This curtain is 10'6" tall and 19'8" wide. The name 'grand drape' refers to the drapery painted on the actual curtain, framing the scene. 191725232 Ken works on the grand drape 191725233 Wardsboro workers 191725237 Chris Hadsel and Shawn Coffin Chris Hadsel is director of Curtains Without Borders, the non-profit organization that conserves these historic painted scenic curtains. Shawn Coffin is the the Commander of the American Legion, the new owners of this beautiful building 191725236 U-Hauling the curtains back to Wardsboro 191725225 Joe unloads a curtain 195644107 Ken unloads a curtain 195644108 Updating Nancy on the trip 195644109 Jim & Karen unload a curtain 195644110 taking curtain into town hall 195644111 Joe & Ken plan for curtain storage 195644113 unwrapping an ear 195644114 back of the ear 195644115 ear (side panel) 195644116 gazing at ear 195644117 writing on back of ear 195644118 writing on back of ear 195644119 ear closeup 195644120 writing on back of ear 195644121